Park Street Mews Restaurant | Fusion Food
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Delivery and Takeaway


Fresh avocado, tomato, olive, feta & asparagus bruchetta -   850
Tom yum Seafood soup -   775
Chicken, corn, mushroom noodle soup-   675
Pumpkin soup with roasted garlic croutons   600


Chick pea, bean curd, yoghurt, cumin, mint, coriander salad   850
Traditional Greek salad with herb olive oil   875


Indonesian style beef, served with wok fried rice and Sambal blachang   2300
Oven Roast pork medallion with honey mustard and poached apple   1875
Chicken and vegetable stir fry, with black bean sauce and steamed rice   1375
Marinated grilled chicken with mushroom cream sauce   1400
Roast chicken with hummus, fatuous salad and pita bread -   1575
Thai tofu with grilled vegetable with steamed rice   875


Spaghetti Bolognaise   1300
Spaghetti frutti di mare (seafood)   1475
Spaghetti aglio e olio   875
Penne carbonara (bacon or chicken)   1350
Prawn pasta with spicy pomodoro sauce   1550
Butternut squash Ravioli with spinach pesto-   1025
Gnocchi with primavera sauce   975


Club Sandwich   875
Chicken pesto Panini   875
Wok fried chili beef with baked beans & coriander yogurt wrap   1275
Grilled chicken, grilled veggie, pickled cucumber, tomato, parsley wrap   825
Double cheese and bacon sandwich   950
Assorted vegetable wrap   700


Chocolate brownie served with caramel sauce -   525
Berry Apple tart –   525
Rhubarb cheese cake -   575
Maple sugar pumpkin pie with whipped cream and roasted pecan-   575
Red velvet skillet cake in creamy white chocolate cheesy soup   600

Delivery  charge applies

Delivery   4869000
Take away   2300133

* Prices are subject to change without prior notice